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We offer books for animal lovers, rescuers, advocates, and activists through the following imprints: FreedomChaser Books, Who Chains You Books, and WCY Humane Press. We also offer a selection of children's family and environmental books through our Crescent Renewal imprint.

Pardon our dust as we embrace our new name and new website. Some links will land on our old pages until we've converted all to the new format. Some links will hit a 404, but will be fixed soon. Thank you for visiting!

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New Release #1

My Name is Chaac

by Linda Duchin

Paperback | Kindle | E-Pub

New Release #2

No Guppy, Puppy!

Written and Illustrated by Tamira Thayne

Paperback | Kindle | E-Pub


New Release #3

Why Am I...?

a yelodoggie book

by Ari Wulff, with Robert McCarty

Paperback | Kindle


Submissions are Closed for 2021

2021 has been a rebuilding and rebranding year for our company; we are working with a new name, an established catalogue of books, and getting more interactive programs off the ground in 2021. We will begin soliciting contributions again in 2022.


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